Tribute MX250 - Base Car

The base car for the TRIBUTE MX250 is the MAZDA MX5 MkI.
With 50:50 front/rear weight balance it has outsatnding handling.
Available in 1.6 and 1.8 RWD set up, it weights in at just over 1 ton
giving excellent power to weight ratio.

Now very affordable in the UK, with prices ranging from £400
for an MOT’d example.

Many of the cars, especially imports, have been modified by previous owners. This can be very useful when stripping the base car and selling the unwanted parts, as they can fetch a premium resale price and help you recoupe part of the cost of the base car.

All MX5’s are equipped with alloy wheels, 14” as standard, but
some have been upgraded to 16“ or 17” by previous owners.
Again, these can be sold to help towards the cost of the new wheels that will be required to build a TRIBUTE MX250.

Below is an example of a realistic entry level self build cost
for a TRIBUTE MX250:

Base car purchase (Example £650 minus £250 parts sold)
= £400
Tribute MX250 GRP panel kit
= £1695
Tribute MX250 Roll cage/Shell Brace
= £275
Lights and headlight covers from
= £130
Alloy wheels and tyres (2nd hand) from
= £350
Prep and paint from
= £1000
Other sundry assembly items
= £200
= £4050

Before and Striped

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